LTI for integration of curricuLAB® content into third-party LMS

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a package of standards  developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium that enables integration of external learning tools into and communication with learning platforms. Content from curricuLAB® can now be integrated as external tool into a learning platform that supports the LTI Advantage standard. Each Organisation in curricuLAB® can be register to one third-party learning platform via its registration link provided under > LTI. Content that was selected in curricuLAB® for sharing via LTI will be available to be integrated e.g. in courses of the third-party learning platform. curricuLAB® is up to date regarding LTI and supports the LTI 1.3 Advantage standard.

Without being limited to Moodle, exemplary we describe the registration process for the widely used learning platform Moodle.

If you do not have access to page management, contact your Moodle administrator.
If you are using an LMS that does not support LTI Dynamic Registration, please contact us.

1. In curricuLAB® chose a content for LTI sharing

2. Copy the registration link under sharings > LTI

3. In your Moodle instance navigate to External tool management

4. Paste the registration link from curricuLAB®, click "Add LTI Advantage" and acivate the curricuLAB® tool

5. Activate "Edit mode" and click "Add an activity or resource" in your course

6. Chose "External tool"

7. Chose curricuLAB® from the preconfigured tools list and click "Select content"

8. Chose one of your contents from the pop up list of curricuLAB® contents

9. Save the tool

10. Your content from curricuLAB® is now ready to be used in your Moodle course

11. Share as many contents from curricuLAB® as you want like in step 1
12. The registration process step 2 -4 has to be done only once!

Non-exhaustive list of learning platforms supporting the LTI 1.3 Advantage standard:

ILIAS (ab Version 8)
Blackboard Learn Ultra
Canvas by Instructure
Brightspace by D2L
Open edX

Additional sources on LTI: